Hot Air Balloon Information

How long is the Length Of the Hot Air Balloon Flight?

Whether you choose to fly in the morning or evening, the length of the flight is approximately 45-60 minutes. The total time we are together is about 3 and one half hours.

Who Can Go on the Hot Air Balloon?

Flying in a hot air balloon is a wonderful and exciting experience. The flight is quite peaceful and serene. Normally, the landings are fairly gentle. Occasionally, however, they can be bumpy and on rare occasions, the impact with the ground can be quite hard, presenting the possibility of injury. Therefore, we must request that passengers have the ability to hang on tightly to the basket and be able to flex their legs upon landing. Passengers with any physical or medical problems must inform us of them prior to their date of flight. Unfortunately, we can not take pregnant women or children under the age of five.

When Do you offer Balloon Flights?

Ballooning is an enjoyable adventure 12 months a year. However, our busy season runs from April through November. During these months, we fly every evening and weekend mornings, weather permitting. Ballooning is only possible during the first couple hours after sunrise and the last couple hours before sunset. During the middle of the day, the winds are generally far too strong to safely fly balloons, and there are also unpredictable thermal conditions caused by heating from the sun.

Where Do We Meet for our Hot Air Balloon Flight?

We meet behind Red Knapp’s restaurant in Oxford. Click HERE for a map & directions.

How do Weather Conditions affect our Ballooning?

The winds must be under 10 mph in order to fly safely. Naturally, we cannot fly in thunderstorms or fog. If a flight must be canceled because of uncooperative weather conditions, the flight will be rescheduled for a mutually agreeable date. Since we can fly 4 balloons at a time, rescheduling can be done very quickly.

What is your Balloon Scheduling Procedure?

In order to schedule a flight, a gift certificate or a $50.00 per person non-refundable deposit is required. Reservations can be made over the phone, generally, with only a few days notice. However, weekend flights and private flights are best reserved well in advance, as they fill up quickly. If you have friends that would like to join you on your flight, we can put you all together in your own balloon, or multiple balloons. Since we fly four balloons with varying capacities, quite often we may have an opening for the very same day that you call.

What To Wear & Bring on the Hot Air Balloon?

Depending upon the time of year, you should dress appropriately for each season. We feel that casual clothes are most comfortable. Jeans are fine and tennis or comfortable walking shoes will suit you best for evening flights. For morning flights, you may wish to wear water-proof footwear that can keep the dew off your feet. Please no open toe or high heel shoes and no sandals should be worn. Bringing a light weight jacket is a good idea, because sometimes the temperature is cooler at higher altitudes. A hat or cap is also advisable, to prevent your head from the radiant heat of the burner.

Can Guests Follow The Balloons?

Upon arrival of all the passengers and guests, we will choose a launch site, which is determined by which direction the winds are blowing at that time. We will offer transportation for all of our passengers, and encourage any family and friends of those who are flying, to follow in their own vehicles. After all of the balloons are launched, each will be followed by its own chase vehicle and crew, who will be in radio contact with their particular balloon. Again, guests are welcome to follow each chase vehicle. Be prepared to stop often and wait on the side of the road while the balloon passes by. Guests are encouraged to bring their cameras to snap shots of their friends waving as they fly overhead.

Do you have Potential Crew Members?

Volunteering to chase balloons and becoming a part of the Sky Adventures team is a great way to become involved with hot air ballooning. We always welcome new crew people. Anyone who is personable, friendly and enjoys the outdoors, is a good candidate for chasing. (A strong back helps, too!) We offer special deals on balloon flights for our chase crews. Give us a call for details!

Do you offer Champagne & Souvenirs?

After the flight, we will return to Red Knapps American Grill where we commence with the traditional champagne celebration for all our passengers and their guests. (We naturally have sparking juice for our young passengers and also for adults that prefer non-alcoholic champagne.) As well as the traditional champagne celebration, all passengers receive a souvenir balloon pin that is a replica of the balloon in which they flew.

Do you offer Sky Adventures Gift Certificates?

Sky Adventures gift certificates make unique, extra-special gifts. We offer them for individuals, couples, and groups, and they can generally be used with short notice. Please call for more information. Gift certificates can be sent out immediately through the mail.

Do you offer Pilot Training?

Sky Adventures is a full service ballooning center. Complete pilot training is offered during the spring and summer months. Sky Adventures is a sales representative for FireFly Sport balloons and can assist anyone interested in purchasing a new or used balloon. We also operate a FAA certified balloon repair station and we always keep all of our equipment in perfect airworthy condition.

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