Sky Adventures Hot Air Balloon Ride Reviews

This company is amazing. The owner, the staff, the equipment and balloons are all top notch! My wife and I had an incredible time on our first balloon ride and we can’t thank Dennis, Jeff and Jeff’s sons enough for giving us an unbelievably amazing flight for our 25th wedding anniversary. The staff went above and beyond to make this trip something that we will never forget. Well done guys!!!

Joe Kilby

We celebrated my husband, Sudhir’s birthday with this ballon ride. Weather did not permit flying on birthday but we flew after a couple of days. We would had loved to have flown over mountains, waterfalls but had learnt from experience that in a sport where weather is an important factor it is better to do it near your home.
I will tell you though that terrain we flew over was beatiful. We flew over Tree Tops, ponds. We could see sunrise. The best part was when we see the reflection of our baloon in the water below. Our pilot Andy, took special efforts to bring our ballon to a specific height so we could watch this.
Andy proved to be great pilot. He kept us well informed throughout the ride. He was lively and we were chatting all the time. Never got scared even for a single minute.
He had to land our ballon on a street in neighborhood, because wind drove us over there. The landing was very soft landing, no jerks. Neighborhood people rushed out of their houses to greet us. That was quite an Welcome.
We witnessed and could help with every step between launching and packing up the ballon.
Great experience indeed.
Friendly staff who kept communicating with us from the day of our first enquiry till the completion of flight.
We returned home with amzing memories. Will recommend this ride to all those who love adventure.

Raj Joglekar

Last night was such a fun Sky Adventure! OMG, the whole event was so much fun , from start to finish ! Dennis, Richard, Jeff and crew was fantastic! The spectacular views and talking to people on the ground and skimming the the tops, over small lakes and country side and see deer scamper away! Two balloons filled with friends was so much fun! I cant say enough about the plans, crew and flight! Great way to celebrate Julie’s 60th Birthday!! The memory will live for ever !! Thanks Sky Adventure for truly a fantastic evening !!

Scott Fricker

Flying in a balloon was on my bucket list for many years. I looked at other companies but I decided to go with Sky Adventures after reading reviews and reviewing their Facebook page. The pilots were very welcoming, friendly, and experienced. The entire crew were great to have around. My friend and I had an amazing experience in the air. The flight was very calm, relaxing, and peaceful. The are no words how to describe the feeling of ballooning. Our Pilots Andrew and Richard flew over treetops and lakes at 200-500 ft and slowly ascended 1700 ft for a quick scenic view of Oxford. I have a small fear of heights but I felt safe in the balloon. My advice for anyone wanting to fly but too scared to is to just relax and trust your pilot and listen to their instructions. There is no need to be afraid! I was nice meeting Dennis and the other pilots and crew, Dave, Jeff, Deb and Jason. I hope to fly with them again soon. I highly recommend them. I will never forget this experience. Thank you so much everyone at Sky Adventures! And much thanks for the awesome souvenirs, I will cherish my pin and crystal paperweight and the amazing memories!

Andrew Markey

I have flown twice with Sky Adventures and it is nothing but wonderful! Dennis is a delight to work with when it comes to scheduling your flight. The entire staff are so knowledgable and friendly, they help create the flight to be more enjoyable. It’s worth it! The memories I have will be remembered for a lifetime!
I went both times for my birthday celebration and others 🙂

Alicia Dembeck

This was one of my Birthday Bucket List experiences for my Spectacular 65th Birthday and it was a totally awesome adventure. I felt so relaxed as I was taking everything in while enjoying the sunrise and warm breeze of the morning air as we floated across the breathtaking scenery. Big “shout out” to the professional and friendly Sky Adventures staff for being a part of my 65th Birthday Bucket List that added an awesomely happy memory !!

Rhoda Littles

A Hot Air Balloon Ride was on my bucket list and on Saturday, September 24th that item was definitely fulfilled. The Experience was amazing, awesome, beautiful, fantastic, breath taking and I could go on and on.

Our pilot, Jeff, was great. Jeff, made sure that our flight was delightful and something that we would never forget. Dennis, the owner of Sky Adventures, was a pleasure to work with in planning our flight and was right there working with his crew to make sure that we had a great flight. I can’t say enough about the company. But if you want to take a hot air balloon ride, this IS the place to go. My prayer is that I will be blessed to go next year for the sunset flight. Thank you Dennis, Jeff, and the Sky Adventures crew for helping me fulfill an item on my bucket list.

Aleta Brown

Best experience ever!
We booked through a third party and had trouble with communication and scheduling, but Dennis took over and worked it out. Thanks, Dennis!
We flew on a morning flight with Andy and had a great time.
My husband was anxious about going, but now he’s telling everyone “You should try it. It’s great!”
I highly recommend Sky Adventures!

Perri Saunder

Had an exceptional experience with Dennis and his team from start to finish. Dennis worked hard to accommodate us. He was extremely conscientious of safety, monitoring the weather and keeping us updated. Richard was our pilot and he was fabulous… Smooth, beautiful ride and landing. The entire team was lovely…. Clearly a tight knit group. Could not have asked for anything more!

Tracy Wilson

We had a wonderful time! I got my husband a gift certificate for his birthday, was planning to ride in the chase vehicle due to my fear of heights. I finally decided after a lot of waffling to give it a try. I fully expected to be sick or pass out (which has happened other times when height was involved). We were in the air before I knew we were off the ground! Such a smooth ride. Best part was that I got to enjoy it without my irrational fear. Not only did I have a great time, I would do it again.

Anita Welsh

We have been trying to do a hot air baloon ride for years and finally experienced the fun. It was fantastic and very well done. The entire team was friendly and extremely competent. We cannot say enough good things about the experience and Sky Adventures. Highly recommend Dennis and his team.

Sandra Sanders

i want too try out a hot air ride

kenneth myers

One of the best experiences I’ve ever had. Very well organized and very reasonable priced! The owner Dennis who was also our pilot was very gentle and a kind hearted soul! If you’re looking for a good time look no further.


Went yesterday. Perfect So quiet and serene. Such a soft landing. Richard was a perfect pilot and guide. We were all from here. So we could pick out people’s houses we knew. Fun Not scary at all.

Kay smith

Just had my first ride in a balloon today – a birthday present I wasn’t quite sure about. The experience turned out to be overwhelmingly positive. Dave was a great pilot, readily answered questions and made the ride (and landing) a smooth one. Jeff came and got us as soon as we landed. Both guys were good to hang out with and the whole experience (including unwinding on Red Knapp’s patio) was a good one. Thank you!

Curtis Cooper

This was an amazing experience. This was a wedding gift to me and my husband from my daughter. It was top on my bucket list of things to do. A very professional and Fun Team to fly with. I am sure I will be going up again. In my very near Future. My husband Enjoyed it more then he would have ever believed. He was just going along for the ride with me. LOL What a ride it was. Sunrise was Amazing and all the deer running around. All the views you would have never imagined seeing up in the Balloon was incredible. Thanks Dennis and his Team. Fly Sky Adventure.

Lorraine Lordy

I have flown with Sky Adventures and what a RUSH it was! Fun, YES! The the attention to detail and the decades of experience shown by Dennis Kollin and his pilots were impressive. Dennis is definitely a people person and it is easy to see why he has been successful for so many years. Sky Adventures should be on EVERYONE’S bucket list.

Rick DeLorme

If your looking to take a Hot Air Ballon ride I highly recomend Sky Adventures! The first inital call had me hooked. Dennis is very pleasent and very concerned with his clients. We couldnt have asked for a more enjoyable adventure.Pilot DJ was very client orinted also. Thanks again for the wonderful flight!

Linda Nowiski

I surprised my wife with a hot air balloon with Dennis and we could not have had a better time. Very organized, safe, and professional. I would HIGHLY recommend flying with Dennis and his team. We had so much fun and happened to pick a perfect day for flying. My wife and I can’t stop talking about our possitive experience with Sky Adventures.

I don’t have any other experience with hot air balloon rides, but these guys were amazing! We even had champagne and gifts after our ride. So much fun!!!

Kurt Fenstermacher

I cannot say enough positive things about Sky Adventures! My brother and I decided to surprise my mom with this experience for Mother’s Day. Sky Adventures offered a 3-person private flight that not many other companies offered. I decided to give them a call and Dennis was very informative and went over all of the details. From that initial conversation I knew we were in good hands. Dave was our pilot and he was calm and had a good sense of humor. My brother is/was afraid of heights and Dave made the experience very comfortable for him. Dave was a great pilot, answered all of my mom’s questions and wonderings, pointed out things such as deer, people waving, DTE, Mt. Holly, and was great at what he does. It was evident Dave loves his job and I appreciate his hospitality. It was pretty neat to be involved in the pack up of the balloon and basket once we landed. This wasn’t the end of our experience though. We all went back to Red Knapp’s Bar for a champagne toast and bread and were gifted two surprise souvenirs. The crew was very friendly and I would recommend anyone to fly with Sky Adventures! I cannot think of another business that has treated my family and I as great as Dennis, Dave, and the team at Sky Adventures! Thank you VERY much. While I anticipated this being a once in a lifetime experience, I would definitely consider saving up to fly with this company again.

Stacey Pardee

Hands down – one of the best experiences of my life. Majestic views, knowledgeable pilots, peaceful tranquility in the sky. We’ve dubbed the guys “Triple D” (Dennis, DJ & Dave) – thanks for a fabulous morning!!!

Heather Schiappacasse

Had an amazing experience with them, staff was amazing professional and very friendly. They definitely knew what they was doing, my new fiancee ( which I proposed to in the balloon) and I will definitely use them again (maybe get married in one of the balloons!)

Steven Kaczperski

This was my husband’s surprise for me on my birthday..and what an experience it was!! The entire team is extremely professional , cordial and amicable. Coming from someone who is terrified of heights, believe me when I say that it’s something you shouldn’t miss. A 45 minute ride that I will forever cherish.

Anannya S

My husband and I went for a ride to celebrate our 20 year anniversary and we were not disappointed! We’d like to thank Dennis and his crew for giving us an experience we will never forget! It was a beautiful night, with the weather you can only dream of, and the ride was somehow both exquisitely peaceful and thrilling at the same time! I can’t recommend Sky Adventures highly enough.

Pamela Belding
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